Thursday, July 28, 2005

Orange is not all bad

To all those with an abundance of orange still in the wardrobe. According to Anti-Disengagement Chicks are HOT!

Although wearing in Orange star is definitely out!

Put quite simply...

With all due respect to pullout opponents...
Chemi Shalev

Number 1. Israel is not Nazi Germany. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is not Adolf Hitler. Israeli officials dealing with the disengagement are not the Judenraat. Gush Katif victims are not persecuted Jews.

The use of Holocaust imagery by the supposedly super-patriotic opponents of the Gaza pullout is not only a gross denigration of the State of Israel, it is Holocaust denial of a most odious nature, a virtual feast for the David Irvings and Fredrick Tobens of this world.

And the use of kids. Perhaps Ok, unless picking the shnoze?


galit said...

that's a scratch, not a pick...

I am recommending a doco called "Checkpoint: The Battle for Israel's Soul" by Canadian film-maker Eric Scott. I saw it tonight and heard Eric speaking about it and answering questions. It is a look at the 'machsom watch', a self-appointed group of Israeli women who monitor the treatment of Palestinians going through checkpoints to enter Israel. It articulates the complexity and self-distruction of being an occupying nation, so that rather than focusing on Palestinian suffering, Eric focuses on how the current situation dehumanises Israel. Really important to see this as in Eric's words he "swings round the camera to focus on ourselves".

Ittay said...

I agree Galit. The checkpoints are not good for our young soldiers. I forces them to be people they are not. Even the IDF commanders are admitting this.

Excerpt from a letter dated 26 April 2005 from the commander of Samaria brigade:

"The inquiries that we made show that there were indeed some problematic points in the way matters have been handled, such as the confiscation of ID cards in contravention of orders and the confiscation of vehicle-keys, as well as the flawed operation of the checkpoint". Confiscating IDs and keys is not contrary to orders, it is against the law. And as for the checkpoint’s flawed operation, a soldier pointed out that “What’s most important is the checkpoint, and only after that the people who cross through it.” (Beit Iba, 26 April 2005)

‘At 18:00 – still full daylight - the soldiers declared the checkpoint closed, although people were still arriving. Two soldiers stood at the front of the hut, to prevent them from reaching the checkpoint. Meanwhile some 50 people collected – including women, children and babies. All were trying to get home. A woman soldier shouted at her friends to tell them the checkpoint was closed and who did they think they were anyway? The checkpoint commander quietly informed us that he would let them cross later, meanwhile he was teaching them a lesson in "sticking to the schedule."' (Beit Iba, 6 April 2005)