Thursday, July 28, 2005

Are you making a political statement right now?

Attention friends with coloured hair. You may be making a political statement. Be careful!
Haaretz reports
A parliamentary aide has petitioned the Jerusalem Labor Court against the Knesset's decision to deny him entry to the building because he dyed his hair orange.

David Harmelin, an aide to MK Naomi Blumenthal (Likud), dyed his hair to protest the disengagement. But when he attempted to go to work with his new hairdo, the Knesset guard refused to allow him entry


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maaryasha said...

ittay! im here. checkin it out. can't be bothered right now to get into politics. but when i can ill respond and start a fight. that's always fun. i have a blog too but its not good enuf to spread the word on it, unlike yours....