Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My first entry

Welcome to Ittay's blog. In what may be an interesting experiment to dialouge of a different nature, I'd like to share this quote which guides me:

Ben Zoma says: Who is wise? He who learns from every person as it is stated: (1) "From all those who have taught me, I have gained wisdom, for Your testimonies are my conversation." Who is mighty? He who subdues his inclination, as it is stated: (2) "A patient person is better than the strong man, and he who masters his spirit is better than one who conquers a city." Who is rich? He who is happy with his portion, as it is stated: (3) "When you eat of the labor of your hands, you will be happy, and it will be good for you." "You will be happy" - in this world; "it will be good for you" - in the World to Come. Who is honored? He who honors others, as it is stated: (4) "I will honor those who honor Me, and those who despise Me will be degraded."
Pikei Avot 4:1
Shalom and Peace
Love Ittay

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