Monday, September 12, 2005

Final disengagement post

How do you know when a people are truly one? Try to tear them apart. For a beautiful photos essay on this theme go here.

This is my final blog on the disengagement. Thank you for all of your comments, and thank you for being so respectful to one another here in cyberspace. From here on, I will be looking at new items of global interest from a Jewish perspective. Any suggestions of topics that interest you can be left in the comments section.


old carriage sports lounge said...

Hey Ittay, what's up??? I saw that the other day, the chabad movie. I was sitting there like a wreck, tear-staiend face, the whole megillah. It really was a beautiful, well-put-together film. Now the palestinians are living there and the whole place is a wreck. Go to this link that Josh posted a few weeks ago--it was awesome!:
What's our time difference by the way? I'm in New York.

Ittay said...

Melbourne is 15 hours ahead of New York. It is currentley spring here. the sun is shining.

subjewd said...

very moving slideshow. I firmly belive, that the time will come, when we will return to Gush Katif in true peace.

Nemo said...

Everyone keeps repeating slogans like about how we're going to re-enter Gush Katif.

Moshiach aside, is there any reaon to go back in and settle? I would say to go in and retake military control, but it wouldn't seem like a very good idea to settle it. Who can trust that the government won't just turn the land back after a short time?

Ittay said...

Ariel Sharon said on the eve of disengagement, “It is no secret that I, like many others, believed and hoped that we could forever hold on to Netzarim and Kfar Darom. However, the changing reality in this country, in this region, and in the world, required another reassessment and changing of positions.”

Unless reality changed radically(mashiach coming or Palestinians leaving), I believe that Israel has finally woken to the fact that it is wrong to occupy 1.3 million Palestinians. It destroys the soul of Israel and turns makes us do things for defense of the settlements that an “or lagoyim” would prefer no do. That is why I can't see any good reasons for returning to Guish katif.

philwarner84577361 said...

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Ittay said...

phil warner wants to date me. spam is bad.

Nemo said...

If you begin saying that Israel has no right to occupy Gaza because of the numbers, I don't see any legitimacy to that claim.

If that was a valid argument, all the critics and Arabs would be right and the entire Israel has no right to exist in such an Arb polpulated region. Why should six million Jews live in the area where a billion Arabs live? 1.3 million Arabs means shit. Let them move to Egypt if there isn't enough space in Gaza City.

Also, if you're going to think that way, consider that the entire Gaza strip isn't enough space for 1.3 million Arabs. Maybe we should come up with some sort of socialist system and alot every Arab an equal share of land? We'll just give them more land in the Northern Negev!

Sounds pretty stupid and illigit to me!!!