Monday, August 29, 2005

How Sharon can stay as PM

This is how the Israelis voted at the last election. There are currently more than the required 61 Knesset members who support Sharon. Yet he is likely to be out of a job in a couple of months. How is that when Israel finally has a very popular PM, his party will most likley get rid of him in favour of Bibi? Gideon Levy has a great idea of how he could stay PM.
A party without a leader seeks a leader without a party. This is the current political reality, and there is only one correct answer: Labor, a party without a leader, will merge with Sharon, a leader without a party. This is the best proposal in the depressing political reality.

According to a survey published in Maariv on Thursday, this is also the most advantageous. No less that 54 percent of those surveyed preferred a new party that would unite Labor, Sharon and Shinui. This party would not ensure a truly new future, but it is the best of the current possibilities.

Labor today is nothing less than a skeletal structure: a system of rotten branches, remnants of renown from the distant past, and a feeble and defeated leadership. Sharon is today a leader with one proven success. Shinui would bring additional voters. It's so simple. In the business world, this would happen rapidly: the takeover of a skeletal corporation by a talented man, transforming it into a profitable company.

So, if it can happen in the business world, why not the political realm. I applaud this creative idea.


callieischatty said...

Wow thats so interesting, I had never seen that before.


Do you live in Australia? How is the situation for Jews there?

We almost moved to Melbourne from NY...

ifyouwillit said...

One major problem we have in our country is the lack of new blood in the political system. With elections round the corner, I hope we don't end up having to choose the best of bad options again, and have a chance to pick a leader the country can trust.

I like your blog, found it today.

Ittay said...

Thanks. I agree itsnodream. but who would want to be isreali PM. getting so much critsiscm, with so little gratitude.

Ittay said...

Callie, The situation for Jews in Australia is very good. We have one of the most pro-Israeli Prime Ministers in the world, a relatively prosperous community with high enrolment in Jewish schools and low intermarriage rates (compared to America). All in all, it is Gan-Eden here. Peaceful, Beautiful and featuring all the colours of the Jewish rainbow.