Saturday, May 16, 2009

Manhigut Le'Oz

In response to a question posted by Yoram on the Sensible Jew blog about what would give a person or organisation legitimacy to speak on behalf of the Melbourne Jewish community, I offer these thoughts. The ideal person or organisation would:

· Speak about all issues of community concern in a pluralistic Jewish terms rather than the language of an obfuscating diplomat.

· Would Hug and wrestle with Israel both personally and in public

· Usually begin with the assumption that more can be gained by engaging with those with whom we disagree then boycotting or protesting.

· Encourage community organisations and schools to share resources rather than compete.

· Not use the words like “pro or anti Israel” when talking about the conflict, but rather:

Zionist: Pro-Two State Solution, Anti-Two State solution

· Not use the words Amalek, Holocaust, Nazi or Hitler to describe those who seek to harm our community.

· Should be knowledge of Jewish History as well as Jewish Memory. This means wearing the glasses of Memory at the seder table, to be replaced with the glasses of History and reality when reading The Age. Both texts will make a lot more sense that way, and less offence will be caused to all involved.

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sensible said...

Hi, Ittay.
What a great post!

Over at The Sensible Jew, we've dedicated part of a post to your ideas.

I think a lot of people out there would agree with what you say. The thing is, it's difficult to measure just how many. That's why we're hoping TSJ can start up a forum of sorts to make people's hopes and ideas more public.