Sunday, October 02, 2005

Shana Tova Chevre

Shalom Chaverim. I’m currently writing this entry from Moshav Me’or Modiin in Israel. I have just had a beautiful Shabbat full of song and many wonderful yidden from around the world. I wish all of you a sweet year with much health and happiness. Keep smiling.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ittay and Carm, Wishing you a shana Tova. Not sure if you are checking your emails while in the holy land. I hope you have a meaningful new year period and lots of happiness and health in they year to come. Have fun with your family and friends in Israel.
Ittay, Yishar Koach on a great blog. Love Yael B

Ittay said...

Thanks Yael. I'm currently logging on at Ilan's place in Jerusalem. We went to the kotel last night. So many holy jews were there confessing and evaluating their year on erev rosh hashana. may god hear our prayers.

When I put my head against the kotel, the only thing i could say was "thank you"

for the many blessing i have recived in my life this year, and the many blessing in the life of my friends and family, anachnu modim lach.

shana tova

Anonymous said...

ittay! i totally forgot u were going to israel, so i called u to invite you for a meal! silly me. but hopefully succot...??
wow. israel.
shana tova, i hope this year is full of joy, happiness, health, clarity, evident goodness, fulfillment, healthy challenges and love!! may our friendship grow further.
love maaryasha

ifyouwillit said...

Shana Tova Umetuka, nice to hear you're in Israel!

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